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Dance Art Dance

DAD is purposed to provide scholarships to hardworking dance students and teachers who desire an opportunity to excel in dance arts. As you read info below, we hope you decide to help make a difference!

 DAD has many benefits such as:

·         to support deserving and/or new dance students who are in proven financial need; and, has shown consistency, growth, and dedication at X-Finity Dance Academy (XFD)

·         provide need-based competition scholarships for deserving dancers to have a chance to compete

·          help offer low-cost or free master classes to the public taught by (XFD) dance professionals

·         offer grants to public schools as needed to help further students education in dance arts

·         used to cover expenses in organizing programs for children with special needs to provide dance/movement therapy

Dance students are expected to maintain a high profile at (XFD) by setting an example of leadership and accomplishment. Those who are chosen to be DAD recipients, are those who strive for excellence; and, has a record of active participation/service at (XFD) events/classes. These factors will be considered during the evaluation process of deciding who receives DAD scholarship funds.

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