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Elite-Factor Competition Team

The Elite Factor Competition Team has successfully represented Hattiesburg, MS amongst several amazing Regional and Nationally ranked studios.  The team has received Top Overalls, High Place Division Awards and several Judges Choice Recognitions including the following: Entertainment, Choreography and Costume for selected solo, small and large group performances.  The Elite Factor is an Competitive Team and this year auditions are opened to the community for amazing talent to audition and join this elite group of performers.

Members of the Elite Factor Competition team have been chosen for scholarships as well as invitationals based on high score routines to Los Angeles, New York, and Florida.


To be fair and professional, our judges are hired from out of town so they do not know the dancers.  Your best attire should be worn, slight make-up, competition jewelry is optional, and hair should be in a clean bun.  Dancers will be taught and execute a small routine, progression, across the floor, improv/freestyle, and exhibit flexibility/technique.  Auditions are closed to the public.  Our judges are professionals, certified thru a Dance Master’s program and or Dance Educators.  We will also do an evaluation. 



Call or see staff to schedule a time

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