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X-Finity Dance Academy


Online Payment


Please enter the student’s name/parent’s name, and what to apply the funds towards in the space below, then click the Pay Now button.


Please note: Your payment will be documented, receipted, and picked up on your next visit. If there is a balance, then the amount of that check will be applied to the balance, then the current month. This applies, but is not limited to: Tuition, costume fees, revue fees, late fees, etc. then that month in which all is due will be paid off first, before the current month or item can be applied.

Add 4% to all online transactions

We Thank You for your payment and for choosing X-Finity Dance!! 


If you have Cash App you also can send payments directly thru it which is linked to X-Finity Dance Academy. Please include all of your information under notes so that we will know who, what and where to credit payment towards.
Cash App: $xfinitydance

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