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E.Jae James (Choreographer, Artistic Director, Dance Educator)

E.Jae James, originally from Wiggins, Mississippi, began early training from dance studios in the Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana areas.  He is the son of Erret and Jeannetta James and owes all respect to his parents, as well as God, who has given him the gift that he bears.  E.Jae continued training on scholarship at The University of Southern Mississippi of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He started studio training at the age of 15 and has continued to dance and choreograph since then.  Dancing has been his long life dream and gift; he started a performance group, Unpredictable Performance Group, to help mold his way.  The group started in 2003 as a way to help under privileged children receives discipline through the art of dance and to find a better way of life.  The group was very successful over three years.  E.Jae has received several awards for outstanding choreography, best entertainment, and top scoring routines.  Graduating with honors he received his BFA in Dance Education/Performance and Choreography. Company credits included having his junior and Senior Piece showcased on main stage.

The curriculum at the University of Southern Mississippi offered courses in nonprofit organizations, educational experiences, business and the arts, and specialized courses that brought real-world issues of the arts within the classroom.  This approach and interaction prepared E.Jae for future business of owning a dance studio/performing arts school.   His goal is to be a studio owner and have programs of dance in the school system during school hours where students will receive credits for school and provide low tuition classes for the community.  The studio will be a performing arts center mainly geared towards the art and education of dance, acting and performance.  He will also be working on getting grants to reduce tuition for students and to provide the community with reasonable priced lessons that will educate them in all aspects of life.  This was a goal, but is now a reality vision for E.Jae and his new studio, X-Finity Dance Academy. 

He has worked and trained with several choreographers and dance educators as far as Las Vegas, Nevada, Atlanta, Georgia, and Durham, North Carolina.  E.Jae also made it into the final rounds of So You Think You Can Dance for 3 seasons in Las Vegas.  E.Jae is a part of Dance Teacher's United and also a member of Dance Non-Profit organizations in Mississippi and Louisiana.  E.Jae is  a certified member  of Dance Masters of Mississippi, which advocates  passion of dance education to touch student’s lives.  This organization exemplifys great excellence and achievement.  E.Jae is also a certified member of Dance Educators of America.  Dance Art Dance is also a part  of a non-profit sector that was established by E.Jae to provide scholarships and funds in all spectrums of arts for children and artist.  E.Jae has trained in many dance styles such as ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, contemporary, improv, modern, hip-hop, acrobatics, musical theater, and a fusion of many different styles.

E.Jae was selected amongst numerous students to attend the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina at Duke University in the summer of 2006.  He received a fully paid scholarship because of his advanced, knowledgeable skills in dance.  In addition, he has been choreographing for several studios, schools, and organizations.  Some of his projects included: Pageant choreographer for the Miss Magnolia Preliminary Pageant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Hattiesburg High School Show Choir choreographer, High school band color guards, dance teams, musical theater productions, choreographer for many studios, Beta Club group talent choreographer, guest teacher at community centers, and school dance programs.  The program at his studio will be an ideal place for teachers to continue their research training and dance education.  Also, the students can motivate and drive themselves through challenges as dancers, similar to those of artists in the professional world.  E.Jae will continue to work with all ages and instill his teaching methods and strategies in his students.


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