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X-Finity employs a progressive system of learning technique. Students will be placed in the correct level according to their individual ability and muscle development.  Our progressive system of learning concentrates on muscular development, motor skills, progressive, but not forced flexibility, muscle memory, center of balance, and technical skills. This method keeps students challenged, yet allows students to enter dance at a level commensurate with their skill no matter their age. All dance styles are available to all students.

Placement:  X-Finity Dance Academy encourages you to register for class based on the age and experience of the dancer.  During the first four classes, the instructor will evaluate each dancer to make sure the class is appropriate in age, level, and attention span.   X-Finity teachers and staff reserve the right to place the dancer in the appropriate higher, middle or lower X-Finity class level to ensure the closest match.  We understand that parents would like to keep their children with their friends, but honestly that isn’t the best choice because we strive to challenge each student.  Levels do not mean a difference in training or skill, but simply their learning styles.  Some students may be in the same classes and some may switch because we are growing and want to keep class sizes smaller while keeping levels a priority.  The system that we are working towards will best give your children a highly qualified dance education.  You can discuss alternatives if you feel that your child should be in a different class that he or she is placed in, but we assure you that we will place them fairly.  We will have several events where all students will be able to gather with their personal, dance and grade school friends if parents feel that they should be in the class with their friends.  Remember learning shouldn’t be dependent on if ones friends are in class because it should be about allowing them to have the proper education that meets their skill levels.  Every dance school requires and does things based on their curriculum and our curriculum is to educate, inspire and achieve thru the art of dance.  We can only achieve this if the children are placed in their skill level/age appropriate classes.  If you notice the schedule you will see that we start with younger students first and end with older students.  Time differences vary because a younger student cannot retain their attention span for long classes’ verses an older student.   We are an educational school and not a baby-sitting school so that means we will not waste time during classes or cram in too many disciplines at one time.  Change is not always easy, but with change comes new things that will allow each and everyone to grow.  Please trust us and our vision.


The tentative schedule will be as follows for the unlimited classes in August as well as the Fall/Winter/Spring Semester.  The schedule may alter depending on class sizes and levels.  This means that some classes may be added or deleted.  We will try our best to accommodate everyone’s personal schedule.


Babies- 18 months-2 year olds

Tots 3-4 year olds

Mini’s 5-6 year olds

Petites 7-8 year olds

Tweens 9-10 year olds

Juniors 11-12 year olds

Teens 13-14 year olds

Seniors 15 and up

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