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Things YOU Need to Know Before Deciding on the BEST Dance Studio
Most dance studios appear to have experienced, certified and friendly teachers that offer a wide range of classes, been established for several years with a big recital at the end of the dance year.  It makes a big difference where you enroll your child because it will depict their dance education.  Everyone has different reasons for putting their children in dance, but here at X-Finity Dance Academy, L.L.C. we strive for true dance education with excellence and professionalism.  We have fun here but we also “Werk”.  
Our Dance Floors
The art of dance is a physical activity requiring jumping and, more importantly, landing. This activity puts additional stress on joints and bones. Dance shoes alone cannot provide enough cushioning or support, so dance itself can put pressure on the back and knees of each dancer. If a studio is equipped with a professional sprung floating floor, that studio is taking every measure to ensure the health of their students. This floor rests on a system of high density foam that in turn absorbs the shock on the body.
The surface on which the dancer dances is also important. We have  a hardwood maple/oak flooring that allows dancers support and allows resilience and resonance in tap.  Some studios use concrete which is very dangerous for a dancer’s future because it doesn’t support their weight.   Our floors allow  the perfect leverage for the dancer-it is neither too sticky or too slippery. Very few studios use this type of surface because of the great expense and usually opt for a cheaper alternative. Our top of the line flooring will reduce injuries and give the students the optimal surface on which to dance.
Our Class Size
We have a spacious studio to occupy the needs of dancers and artist.  We limit our class to ensure that all students receive more personalized attention. In our classes we have a teacher student ratio of about 2 teachers per 15-20 students.  If the classes exceed this amount then more teachers/assistants will be present in the class.  Our class sizes vary depending on age and levels. We guarantee that every student gets the full benefit out of every class that he or she is enrolled in. 

Appropriateness of dance classes and choreography
At X-Finity Dance Academy we watch costumes, choreography and songs so that they are not explicit or inappropriate.  We stay up with the latest dance tends and some costumes are two piece and some music or choreography is not normally in the area we are in, but art itself is diverse and its a bigger world than just our community.  We make sure that Costumes, songs and choreography are appropriate  for that particular age.  Some people like traditional dances and style and others prefer unique and things that are different.  Here at X-Finity we move with the era.  
Our Teacher and School Certification
Several dance schools that offer dance classes are not always qualified.  Basicly anyone can open up a dancing school.    Many teachers have been instructing for years but this doesn’t mean that he or she is certified.  A truly qualified instructor is not limited many years of training in the arts, but he or she goes to conventions and educates themselves on the new styles and focus of dance in current times.  Our staff is degree certified and holds several certifications in which they are tested yearly in all styles of dance.  We teach our students to be teachers and our teachers aim for true artistry.   Our teachers are continually learning as we attend dance seminars and conventions yearly.


The learning of every student               
We allow our parents to view the progression of the students during specific times.  We include parents in specific things when we feel that they would be helpful in helping a student to progress.  Our curriculum offered here motivates students to strive for excellence and work beyond their highest potential.  We encourage all parents to stay connected with their child to keep them active in our curriculum.  Classes here will be fun, but they will push every student in ways to prepare them for life and success progressing.   X-Finity Dance Academy is the choice for all your dancing needs.
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